OpenSLX - the name is rather fresh - aims on the Linux desktop as a middleware solution to provide easy administration of large bunchs of computers. The project might be of interest in a wide field of utilization: schools , education, universities, grid clusters, corporations with a lot of office workplaces, ...

An OpenSLX client is just a Linux workstation as you would expect, if you have installed just any distribution onto the local disk. The average user will not see any difference ...

For the administrator things change significantly: All software installation is done to a central server (or servers for failover) and provided via network in a way similar to the well known LTSP. So our project uses the same infrastructure of PXE/etherboot/gPXE, DHCP and TFTP for initial booting and then NFS, NBD, ... for the rootfilesystem of the clients. Different to LTSP the users logs in to the machine locally and not to a remote server (this is still all possible too, but not the main focus). So the local resources of the machine are used and the user has easy access to all devices of his machine (USB, IEEE1394, CD/DVD, floppy,...) Plus he is able to play any 3D game, watch videos and may connect audio devices like headset, microphone ...

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